Sex Toy Cleaning  and Storage Guide

How You Should Clean Your Sex Toy?
Always clean your sex toy thoroughly after every use it is especially important to give anal toys a thorough clean to avoid infection.
Most sex toys are easily cleaned with a mild antibacterial soap or products designed for cleaning sex toys. If your sex toy is waterproof then you can run it under the tap. If it is not waterproof, use a sex toy cleaner and a wet cloth to carefully and thoroughly clean the toy. Always be careful of the buttons or battery cover.
Both waterproof and non-waterproof toys should always be dried thoroughly before storing.
If you intend to store your toy for any more than a few days, you should always remove the batteries.
Storing a sex toy isn't as easy as chucking it into your underwear drawer. You should always store sex toys separately in cool, clean and dark place to avoid discolouration. If you currently store all of your sex toys together then they are very likely to be damaged in some way. Separating your sex toys from each other using the packaging or a sock will avoid damaging your purchase.
NEVER continue to use a toy that has been damaged.

Anal Toys
When you play with Anal Toys always use plenty of Lube.

Anal Beads
Anal beads take the form of a string of beads, with each ‘bead' often increasing in size further up the string. Perfect for beginners and experienced users.

Anal Dildos
The anal dildo is often shaped to stimulate the prostate gland or massage sensitive spots at the back of the vaginal wall.

Anal Vibrators
The anal vibrator comes in many forms. Some are designed for penetration while others are for stimulation.

Butt Plugs
Butt plugs have an enlarged flared base and tapered tip for easy insertion. Whether you're looking for a small and discreet toy or something a little more advanced, we have a wide range to choose from.

Dildos, Vibrators and Strap Ons
Dildos and Dongs
One of the most recognisable types of sex toys available. It can be very confusing picking out the one for you. Suction examples are designed to be handsfree and allow you to ride and provide vaginal and clitoral stimulation. They attach to any hard surface and come in a range of sizes and styles.  The Double Ended Dildo can be used individually or with a partner. Perfect for both anal and vaginal penetration, there are various combinations to explore.
Something different - turn your excitement up with vibrations. They can add an extra level of pleasure. Various versions are available. Some have the vibrator built into the base while others may use a removable remote control egg vibrator to provide the power.
Cock Rings
Cock rings are designed for the base of your penis to restrict blood flow out of the shaft, resulting in harder and longer-lasting erections.
They come in numerous different styles. Most cock rings are designed to also stimulate the clit, often in the form of a bar on the top of the ring powered by an integrated miniature vibrator.
WARNING: They are only to be used for a maximum of 60 minutes due to blood flow restrictions.​​​​​​​

Penis Pumps
Designed to promote stronger erections before sex. Regardless of which one you choose, the basics of use remain the same. Insert your penis into the chamber and use the pump to create suction until you reach the desired level of vacuum. Blood is drawn into the penis to make your erection harder, larger and more sensitive. When you're ready, use the release valve and then apply a cock ring to hold the erection.​​​​​​​
Male Masturbators
Designed for solo-play these are cylindrical sex toys with a tight, inner tunnel that wraps around your penis. Tunnels are nearly always textured, most with ribs or beads for amazing stimulation. Some masturbator openings are designed to replicate a pussy, arse or lips. Male masturbators are available in colourful and clear styles, with many designed specifically to look like the real thing.
For extra fun use Lube and we recommend to be cleaned with Refresh Powder.